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  • Planetfall 1995
  • In the Shadow of the Moon 1996
  • First Victory 1997
  • Earth Siege 2005

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    (Reporting NO) Progress on GV

    I am sorry. So, I failed in my last years resolution to finish GV in 2017. I have edited the ever-loving dickens out of the story and cleaned up the plot lines, but I still have no idea where I am going. The characters have always written the book for me, and they are not responding. I guess we have all gotten old together. And it has been a tough year physically for me, but that was certainly no excuse, since my various (some self-inflicted) disabilities gave me MORE time to write.

    So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I will refrain from any resolutions this year, but I will still keep shaming(?) myself to write. That sounded bad; since when did inspiration ever come from shame? Hmm, I guess inspiration from shame is not so unlikely, if it is real shame. I may be just fooling myself and justifying my sluggishness.

    As I mentioned last year, I do have a Genellan Facebook page . Check it out and use it as a forum, if you care to. I established the page to market the series and had some small success, although it is difficult to measure. Nah, there was very little marketing success, but in the end, that is my fault for not generating another book.

    I mentioned last year that I was considering publishing one of the early chapters of GV on this site. I was reluctant to do so, publishing a chapter might really fuel false expectations (sort of like making New Years resolutions). I have a very long way to go before there is a book, but I am going to post some of the early chapters. Stay tuned.

    Again, my apologies, and I thank with all my heart those that continue to buy and promote the series. I have not given up. It just seems like it.

    Up on Smashwords

    I have completed the process of putting my books up on SMASHWORDS. This will provide availability for just about any format. And just about any major distribution, including:
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Sony
    • Kobo
    • Apple
    • Diesel

    Up on Kindle

    Sales on Amazon's Digital Text Platform (newly renamed to Kindle Direct Publishing) and better known as the Kindle Store have been encouraging. Thank you very much.

    Hard Copy

    Hard copies of all books (in trade paperback format) as well as electronic copies are still available through Third Millennium Publishing.This was my first online publisher, so I would ask that if all else is equal, give them a try when buying the books.

    Book Sales

    With all the new digital marketing outlets I am seeing a respectable rise in book sales. This has to be due entirely to word of mouth from you. I cannot thank you enough. Keep telling your friends about Genellan. Pass the word. And thanks for sticking with me.

    The cover art by Jeremy Ellis is awesome. GIV and now GII! Check it out here.

    -Scott G.

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